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School Council

What is the School Council for?

“To help make decisions”
“To help the school do better things.”
“Making our school better.”
“To help the Head Teacher keep the school running.”
“ up to discuss activities, awards and charities to support.”
“It is to give pupils a say on what they want to happen then the council will help to adapt the school.”

What are the nine values for?

“The thoughts and feelings people share with each other”
” To show our school is a family.”
“Help us use the Fruits of the Spirit in our lives.”
“Share kind things with other people.”
“They help the pupils to be kind to each other.”
“The nine boxes make everyone think about their actions and the consequences that follow.”
“To express…what touches you most in the heart.”
“They have made people think differently about one another.”
“Make everyone think about their actions and the consequences that follow.”

How have the Nine Values changed our school?

“They have changed our school by everyone being kind.”
“… by the teachers teaching us to live by the Fruits of the Spirit.”
“Helped people to choose a right option for decisions.”
“Made our school kind and considerate.”
“They have made it a pleasant place to be.”
“…everyone is now pushing themselves to be more nicer.”
“It has let pupils express their feelings for others and themselves.”
“…we are more responsible, loving, caring, grateful.”

Which box is most important and why?

“I think “LOVE” is most important because love is in mostly every single one put together.”
“KINDNESS” because we all have to be fair and kind.”
“LOVE” – I think it means everything really because love is nice: loving and caring about everyone.”
“LOVE” because it covers every single one of us and you should always love one another and then they’ll love you back!”
“SELF CONTROL” because you stay nice and calm.”

What else would you like the School’s Council to do for our school?

“I don’t think the School Council need to do anymore for our school because I think what they are doing is very good right now.”
“I would like them to carry on as they are because they are doing a good job.”

What would it be like without a School’s Council?

“Our school would not be as it is right and we really like it as it is.”

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