Welcome to our Infant class.

Meet the team


     Mrs Loach               Miss Pickering

(Infant Teacher)           (HLTA)

In the Infant class, we have Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We work on a two year rolling curriculum for Year 1 and Year 2 and have a separate curriculum for Reception.

Our PE day is Monday.

Phonics and Reading

In Infants, we follow the Pearson Bug Club phonics and reading scheme. Children begin in Reception with Phase 1 phonics and will move through the phases up to Phase 4 during the course of the year. They begin with wordless books before we begin Phase 2, which introduces the different phonemes.

In Year 1, we continue with the Bug Club phonics scheme, working through Phase 5 and Phase 6 phonemes looking at alternate pronunciation and spelling of words.

In Year 2, we revisit Phase 5 and 6 to further consolidate our phonetic knowledge.

Children will be allocated a book to read at home based on their phonics knowledge and will progress through the levels as their knowledge increases.